The Essential Moving Checklist!

It’s time for a new adventure and, whether you’re like me and have moved 33 times (I wish I were joking) or are a total newbie at packing up your life, having a moving checklist is crucial to a smooth move. Forget about frantically throwing your belongings into boxes and hoping for the best. Here’s a checklist of everything you need to do to prepare for your fresh start.


2 Months Before Your Move

  • Purge! Do you really need that sweater that your ex’s aunt gave you 4 Christmases ago? Didn’t think so. Toss or donate old clothes, household items, and anything that you don’t want gracing the clean slate of your new home.
  • Hire a mover. Unless you’re moving down the street and have friends who are willing to work for pizza and beer, now’s the time to secure your moving truck and some helping hands.
    • Take stock of what you need to move - the movers will need to know this prior to showing up at your door
  • Order packing supplies. Bubble wrap, boxes, and packing tape are your BFF’s right now. Do yourself a favor and order them now. You can even score free boxes at a grocery or spirits store.
  • Pack up off-season and non-essential items. Holiday items, off-season clothing, and your cookbook collection can get packed into boxes and stored. It might seem unnecessary but the less you have to do closer to moving day, the better.

6 Weeks Before

    • Cancel (or change your address) for magazines and newspaper subscriptions. Unless you don’t mind paying for scrapbooking supplies for the people moving into your old place. Not that I’ve ever cut up magazines that weren’t addressed to me.
    • Obtain important files from:
      • School districts
      • Banks
      • Doctors
      • Pharmacies
      • Veterinarians
  • Spend time with friends. Not your traditional moving checklist item, huh? Still, so important. Schedule a lunch or going away party with friends that you won’t see regularly after the move. As you get closer to moving day, you won’t have as much down time.

1 Month Prior to Moving

  • Submit a change of address form with the Post Office. Ask for mail to be forwarded a week before your actual moving date. Pro tip: Send yourself a letter. It’ll make you feel right at home.
  • Get quotes on homeowners or renters insurance for your new place
  • Submit a change of address for:
      • Insurance companies
      • Credit card companies
      • Your employer (so you don’t have to hunt down your W-2’s come tax time)
      • The DMV
  • Transfer or cancel your utilities and memberships including:
      • Gas
      • Water
      • Electricity
      • Garbage pick-up
      • Telephone
      • Cable/Internet
      • Yoga/gym memberships
  • Set up the utilities at your new home. Nothing is worse than eating pizza on the floor with candlelight after a long day of moving. Have your utilities turned on the day before you arrive. The few extra dollars you’ll pay is well worth it.
  • Start packing. Now’s the time to pack board games, kitchen gadgets, DVD’s, and pretty much anything you’re not going to use in the next 4 weeks.

Two Weeks Before The Big Move

  • Apply for new vehicle registration. Different states have different laws about how long you have to do this. Save yourself the trouble - and potential fees - and do it now.
  • Have credit cards and bank statements transferred to your new address
  • Break down furniture you don’t need between now and your move. Dining room tables, shelving units, and closet systems can all be disassembled now. Go ahead, eat dinner in front of the TV. No judgment.
  • Pack what you can. 2 weeks before a move is an awkward time. You still need to live comfortably but you also need to pack. Box up random electronics, jewelry, office supplies, and extra linens.
  • If you’re driving far, get your car checked up. Flat tires on moving day? No thanks.
  • Take a deep breath. It might be your last chance to do so before you move. In and out, friend. You’ve got this!

1 Week To Go

  • Pack, pack, and pack some more. You can finally pack up the majority of your belongings. Be sure to leave out plenty of clothes and toiletries to last until the big day.
  • Label your boxes. This will help keep you organized so you don’t have to dig through boxes to find your blow dryer next week.
  • Clean out your fridge. Use up all your food, donate what you can, and toss the rest. You can eat out all week, if you want. Chinese food never tastes as good as it does 3 days before you move.
  • Hire a cleaner. You could clean your house yourself but, honestly, it’s so much easier to hire someone to take care of it for you. Can’t afford it? Get creative and have a cleaning party as a last hurrah before your move.
  • Pack a Moving Day Survival Kit. Cash, valuables, important paperwork, cleaning supplies (for your new home), clothes, and toiletries are all key things to have on hand for moving day. Oh, and let’s not forget snacks and a phone charger!

Moving Day

  • Go through the house one more time. Double check that you have everything.
  • Return your keys and leave a forwarding address. Ya know, for that sweet deposit you’ll get back.
  • Supervise the movers. And don’t forget to tip them for all their hard work.
  • Start getting excited about your new adventure. New friends and memories await!

Checklists are essential for staying organized during a move but nothing beats having a support system that can make you feel less overwhelmed. Join Newbee Network to connect with others who have been there, done that  


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