We Hear You Are Moving...

It happens. You land a new job, find that special someone or simply seek new beginnings. Reasons aside, you are forced to pack up your entire life, everything except your social circle – that stays behind along with your favorite lamp that wouldn’t fit into your car. And just like that, you must relocate and start anew.


And there is much ado about a move...

Deciding if you want to move

Deciding where to move

Finding a new place to live

Managing your budget

Handling the logistics of the move

Learning how to make new friends

Dealing with homesickness

Getting to know your new town


Cue Newbee Network!

We get that moving is so much more than the move itself. That’s why we created this social platform and blog—because everyone needs a support system. When you move, you often leave the people you know and love behind. It’s hard but you don’t have to do it alone. Connecting with others before you move—or as soon as you get to your new town—can make your entire move feel less stressful.

Our ‘City Experts’ can tell you what’s hot around town, from the best pizza place to the hottest salons. Want to get out there and meet new people? Our Events section will help you do just that, minus the awkward “I don’t know anyone here” vibes. And when you are the expert on your city, you’ll have the opportunity to pay it forward by sharing your best advice and helping others connect.

In addition to the support of a helpful, friendly community you’ll find resources like customizable moving checklists and budgeting tools to help make handling the logistics of your move easier than ever.

Peruse our blog to hear stories and advice from us. Or join our community and get support from those of us in your city who have ‘been there, done that!’.

Either way, we are so glad you found us. Welcome home!


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